As a positive thinking and design led interior decorating company, FOLDS prides itself on being flexible and approachable.  With that in mind, I've developed and refined a way of working with all my clients that keeps things as simple as possible to help make the whole process as enjoyable as possible.

Below is a breakdown to this process.  However, this is not set in stone and I'm always happy to adapt this if there's an alternative way of reaching the end result you're looking for.


Following an initial first meeting to discuss your requirements, likes and dislikes, and take photos and measurements, I will come back to you with my ideas and possible layout solutions by means of a creative moodboard.

This is an opportunity to visualise the ideas and think about the best way of bringing your space to life.  I’ll also be able to provide a basic budget and talk through a timeline for getting the work done.




Once we’ve agreed on the above the next stage is to get into the detail.  I’ll provide scale floor plans and we’ll have further conversations around style of furniture and fittings, consider lighting options and finishing touches.  At this point we can define whether any bespoke furniture or accessories are required and I’ll be able to provide drawings which can be used by an appropriate manufacturer or tradesperson to realise our vision.  I’ll also be able to provide a more precise budget breakdown at this stage, so there’s no surprises!




FOLDS has very well established connections with some of the best furniture, lighting and accessories suppliers, so can assist in sourcing everything required.

I can also collaborate with any manufacturers to manage bespoke items and will work with them in the unlikely event that something needs to be reconsidered with the design.

Additionally, I will save you time by purchasing everything for you and managing the delivery process.




Once all the work is done, I’ll consider the finishing touches that will help bring everything together.  This will include adding decorative elements like plants and accessories, curating artwork and making sure the whole environment shines.  This is also an opportunity to take photos for the FOLDS portfolio and for you to use to show off your new space.


I am often asked by clients whether my fees include amendments to a project.  I understand that there will naturally be a dialogue between ourselves and that alterations may need to be made before the project is agreed upon, and I do allow for this.  However, if there are drastic changes to be made to the original work agreed, I reserve the right to charge for these changes on an hourly rate basis.  Should this situation occur, I would of course discuss this with you before moving forward.

To discuss your project further, please GET IN TOUCH and I’ll be happy to answer any questions.

You can CALL me ON 07785 723 355 OR GET IN TOUCH VIA